Caffiend: MacAlpine's Coffee Shake

Walk into vintage soda shop MacAlpine's (on 7th street, between Thomas and McDowell) on a hot day and ask for something special, something with a super-kick, and they just might make you a delicious shake with coffee in it. It's not on the menu, but it's their suggestion, and while you might not get the hyper wattage of the typical billion-shot espresso or carbonated energy drinks, it'll probably be the tastiest thing you drink all week.

MacAlpine's Soda Fountain Coffee Shake

Looks like: A yummy, retro milkshake, complete with a pretty pile of whipped cream and a shiny red cherry.

Smells like: Really creamy coffee.

Tastes like:
Heaven. The coffee flavor is strong, but nicely balanced by the ice cream, which gives the shake a sort of vanilla bean taste.

Caffeine and other contents:
There's just a cup of coffee in the blend, which only amounts to about 65 mg of caffeine (15 mg less than an eight ounce can of Red Bull). Everything else is ice cream and whipped cream.

Caffeine kick: There's a bit of an instant sugar buzz with the coffee shake and a slight pick-me-up, but the boost isn't intense or sustained like it is with energy drinks. But these coffee shakes taste so good, you might have a few and get a pretty good caffeine kick.

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