Caffiend: Mama Java's House Blend

Mama Java's has the good fortune of being close to several other cool businesses. It's across the street from Hazelwood's, should patrons decide they'd like to sing karaoke and get drunk after coffee, and it's in the same strip mall as the Book Gallery, should patrons decide they'd like to peruse more books than the two shelves full that Mama Java offers for your reading pleasure. But if it's just coffee and a laid-back cafe atmosphere you're looking for, Mama Java's does the trick all on its own. The cool decor comes courtesy of paintings by  local artists, and coffee drinkers can also kick back on black leather couches and enjoy live acoustic music from the stage. But how's the brew? We tried Mama Java's house blend this week.

Mama Java's House Blend
3619 E. Indian School Road

Mama Java's House Blend is very aromatic and packs a deep-roasted punch that's heavy on both caffeine and bitterness. The blend's so strong that even though it's a slow-drip coffee, it smells as if there were a few shots of espresso in the cup. Black coffee drinkers would probably love the headiness of the house blend, but those who like their brews a bit sweeter will definitely go running for the sugar and cream, and will want to use lots of both.

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