Caffiend: Mana Energy Potion

This week's Caffiend starts with a couple of caveats: 1) We bought this Mana Energy Potion at Hot Topic, and 2) We were warned to drink only half of the 1.6 ounce bottle. We raise the first point because if an energy supplement is available at Hot Topic, it's supposed to be "edgy" and "extreme." And it turns out that the "drink half" warnings had little to do with the energy boost of the drink and more to do with the uh, continence boost that comes from shooting the whole bottle.

Mana Energy Potion

Looks like: Windex in a tiny plastic genie bottle.

Smells like: Windex with sugar added.

Tastes like: Ever drank one of those blue Otter pops in its liquid form? That's what this tastes like, but much more potent.

Caffeine and other contents: The exact amount of caffeine isn't listed on the bottle. Caffeine is included in the 2 grams of "energy potion," which also includes Phenylalanine and Taurine. Other ingredients in this brew include 32 mg of vitamin B6 and an enzyme blend.

Caffeine kick: Rather unimpressive, considering the hype and the price (this shot costs more than a full 16 ounce energy drink). We chased our shot with a Monster and were ready for a nap. Where's the buzz?

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