Caffiend: Unlimited Coffee Gives Us a Black Eye

Unlimited Coffee is a quaint little coffee and pastry shop on Glendale Avenue, just north of Seventh Street. Their menu includes scones, croissants, brownies, teas, and of course, coffee galore. We asked them for their most caffeinated brew, and they gave us a large "Black Eye." It turned out to be a half-liter of pure adrenaline.

Unlimited Coffee's Black Eye (Iced)

741 E. Glendale Ave.



Looks like: Plain, unassuming coffee. Beware.

Smells like: Freshly-ground coffee beans.

Tastes like: Gargling fresh coffee grounds in hot water. The coffee bean flavor here is quite potent, and if unsweetened, this beverage can leave a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Caffeine and other contents: The Black Eye can contain up to four shots of expresso (of course we went for the max). The espresso alone contains an estimated 75 mg of caffeine per one-ounce shot - only 5 mg less per shot than an entire eight-ounce can of Red Bull. Then, about ten ounces of coffee is added, bringing the grand total for the drink to around 380 mg - almost twice that of a 16-ounce can of Rock Star. Whoa.

Caffeine kick: The initial feeling upon chugging a quarter of this coffee was a hot head rush. Then our eyeballs started to feel like they were taped open. The crash didn't come until more than three hours later. Boy, are we impressed. And hyper-awake.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.