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Canna Butter Is The Key to Cooking with Marijuana — Here's How to Make It

This is the second in our occasional series, Baked! And perhaps the most important post of all if you really want to learn how to cook with cannabis — so take note. Over to you, Polly Cooper. 

I'm going to help you make canna butter. Now, there are several ways you can make it, but the super-concentrated one I am about to show you is my personal favorite.

This way you get the most butter for your buck. After all, how much weed do you want to waste? NONE. The answer is NONE, just in case any of you out there were wondering. One last thing before we begin canna butter 101: SAVE YOUR STEMS! KEEP THEM IN A JAR! They contain a shit-ton of THC, unless you are smoking shwag, and if so, please discard. Once you have filled up a nice-sized jar, use that in your butter instead of your precious buds.


heavy bottomed saucepan 
rubber spatula (do not use wood, or you may loose some thc to the spoon)
1 Stick of unsalted butter
3.5g (for most, an 1/8) kind bud; medicinal 
cheesecloth (found in the baking aisle of most supermarkets)
shallow, wide bowl
plastic bag
a timer/clock
grinder (do not grind your weed in the same grinder as you do your coffee, unless you have removed all the oils and it's spotless)

Try to avoid swirling the butter to keep it from sticking to the sides and burning.
Stir every 15 minutes; notice the changes in color, make sure it is a long, slow, heat.
Put your face down and smell it. You should be able to smell the butter and earthiness of the weed, and towards the end it begins smelling nuttier. Beware the burnt popcorn smell. You want to remove it from heat before burnt popcorn has filled your place with stench and failure at having burned your batch. Which is bad. Very bad. But, I have faith in you that your butter will turn out fabulous, darlings.

1. Slowly melt the butter into the pan. Remember to keep on the lowest setting. Use a double boiler if you want to be extra cautious about potentially burning the butter.

2. Grind up your weed — SAVE YOUR STEMS!

3. After the butter has melted, pour in the weed.

4. Stir every 15 mins for 1hr30mins to 1hr45mins.

5. Before you remove from heat, you should have set up your bowl, covering it with double layered cheesecloth 

6. If you have a friend hanging out, get them to hold the cheesecloth, while you pour into it, over the bowl. BE CAREFUL, the canna butter is hot! If you are all alone, use a rubber band to secure the cheesecloth to the bowl.

7. Take a plastic bag, preferably a turkey bag, and wrap it around the cheesecloth and begin to wring out all the butter into the bowl. Twist and squeeze until not a single drop flows through. Scrape any excess from the plastic into the bowl.

8. Let sit, cool, and form, then wrap with saran wrap and keep it refrigerated. You may also freeze it if you don't plan on using it soon or often. If you can refrain, as hard as that may be, and I so applaud you, try and save your butter until my next post where I will give you some recipes to use with that butter. Although, if you want a small taste, spread some inside a warm croissant with some strawberry habenero jelly...or toast with peanut butter, a cracker with cheese- whatever the hell your food porn is, and enjoy!
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