Food Truck Frenzy

Chandler's Hungry Monk Goes Mobile With Traveling Monk Food Truck

While Valley food trucks like Short Leash Hot Dogs, Mamma Toledo's, and Jamburritos are preparing to add four walls to their four wheels, a popular Chandler restaurant is putting things in reverse.

The Hungry Monk, the three-year-old neighborhood bar and eatery from ex-Buffalo Wings & Rings franchisee Jim Lolli, now has its own food truck: The Traveling Monk.

And for those wondering where The Hungry Monk's celebrated beer offerings will be when The Traveling Monk hits the road here's a hint: You'll be eating them.

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With a menu of "beer-inspired cuisine," The Traveling Monk officially hit the street, er, parking lot, on Wednesday, when it pulled in at The Hungry Monk for a friends and family launch and trial run.

At the event, guests were treated to dishes such as barbecue pork sliders cooked in a house beer barbecue sauce ($5), a bacon-wrapped and beer-battered hot dog on a stick ($5), and beer-battered fried pickles served with a jalapeño ranch dressing ($4). A Four Peaks Kilt Lifter-infused Caprese Burger (pictured above) is also being considered for the menu.

"We would like to thank everyone who came out to support our launch/test day," a post on the food truck's Facebook page read following the launch. "A few truck issues today, but started to figure things out as went. Practice, practice, practice. See ya on the road soon."

The Traveling Monk plans to make its food truck mark at future festivals, beer events, and catering functions. To see where it will be next, follow The Traveling Monk on Facebook.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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