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Chilaquiles: Because We All Need a Reminder That Life Is Good

Perhaps one of the nicest things about Mexican chilaquiles is that you don't need a special occasion to eat them. As in homes throughout Mexico, this traditional Mexican dish and forerunner of modern nachos is served up for breakfast or brunch somewhere in the Valley every day.

Simple, versatile, and never more than a few dollars, chilaquiles can remind us that despite random bumps of craziness, overall, life is good, and that today, we shall be comforted by it.

Here's one of my favorite places to order one up:

Chilaquiles are served in Mexican eateries all over the Valley, but I like to order mine up at La Barquita, Jose Garcia's unassuming neighborhood hangout of affordable and authentic southern Mexican food in Central Phoenix.

Garcia's chilaquiles, made with triangles of homemade fried corn tortillas, topped with a tangy tomatillo sauce, and sprinkled with ranchero cheese, are fresh and zesty. And as an added bonus, there's the side of top-notch beans. Mashed by hand after being boiled and fried with spices and California chiles, the result is a lovely creamy texture so different from the usual side of bland frijoles found seemingly everywhere else.

La Barquita's chilaquiles can be had for $6.99, or, add a whole or half chicken breast on for a few dollars more.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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