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Citizen's Tequila Cocktail Dinner and A Cooking Contest Just for Kids

They're back! Richie Moe, Kris Korf, and Chef Bernie from Citizen Public House are bringing back their popular cocktail dinners and they're starting with our favorite agave booze, tequila! 

Join CPH and crew Tuesday, January 31st for the "Southern of the Border" dinner featuring handcrafted cocktails from Moe and Korf and six-courses of "eclectic" cuisine from Chef Bernie. The whole menu sounds fabulous -- charred octopus with lemon curd, tuna crudo with tangerine oil and pickled lychee, blueberry braised Tender Belly bacon with a chestnut waffle and tequila butter (I want this for breakfast like right now), beef tataki, balsamic brasied short ribs with caramelized gorgonzola white grits, and for dessert -- a Mexican chocolate cupcake with Mexican chocolate ganache frosting and Amerena cherries. YUM! 

Plus, everything is paired with tequila cocktails! 

I'm not going to list all the drinks (you can click here to see the full menu if you like) but if you've ever had the chance to sample any of Richie Moe and Kris Korf's concoctions then you know you're in for a treat. 

The cocktail pairing dinner will cost you $65 ++ and you must make reservations. WARNING -- these dinners typically sell out quick. There were spots available when I last checked. If you would like to go, call 480-398-4208 to RSVP. 

​On the entire other side of the spectrum, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Walk On AZ are looking for kids 9-12 to submit healthy side dish recipes for the Walk On! Kids Cooking Challenge. If they win, they'll get an  X-Box Kinnect. 

All you have to do is submit your kid's original recipe that includes at least one vegetable or fruit and can be made on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave in 20 minutes or less to walkonaz.org by January 25th (that's tomorrow). A panel of judges will review all of the entries and choose their favorite five. Those five kids will make their dishes on camera and the videos will be posted online so the public can pick the winner. 

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