Closed for Business: Sapna Cafe

Downtowners have been whispering for a while now about the fate of Sapna Cafe, the sunny eatery in the Bragg's Pie Factory building on Grand Avenue that's served a light, vegetarian-friendly menu of soups, salads, sandwiches, and stirfries since it opened in early 2009. Chef-owner Ana Borrajo has been back on the scene at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market -- where she first launched her business five years ago under the moniker Sapna Chill Out Cafe, before opening a full-service restaurant -- and rumors were swirling that she'd soon close her doors because business has been unbearably slow. 

Apparently it's a done deal. Borrajo made the announcement on Facebook last night:

"Dear this draws to an end a brand new chapter in my culinary adventure beckons. Sapna's location on Grand Ave is now closed but the adventure continues! Look for Sapna to continue serving at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market with all new projects to follow as what is sure to be an exciting year unfolds. So stay tuned to this page for updates!"

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