Coming Soon: Banzai Cowboy

Scott and Greg Ziegler, the duo behind NYPD Pizza, are getting into the sushi biz with their new East-Meets-Southwest eatery, Banzai Cowboy, scheduled to open March 2 at Market Street at DC Ranch.

The menu's not available just yet, but they've hired 30-year veteran chef Fumiharu Hirose to handle the sushi. Along with raw fish, a dozen signature martinis, shaken and poured at the table, will be another attraction. (To make this point, the restaurant's logo is the silhouette of a cowboy riding a giant bucking fish as a martini glass flies out of his hand.)

If the name sounds familiar, well, it isn't -- it just sounds extremely similar to Samurai Cowboy, the name of a sushi and robatayaki joint that the Ra/Drift/Geisha A Go Go people are planning to open in Old Town later this year.

(BTW, what is it with Japanese-y restaurants and their confusingly similar names? I'm thinking of how Roka changed to Roka Akor even before it opened, when it was announced that Sushi Roku would open at the W.)  


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