Guilty Pleasures

Compass Arizona Grill Is a Dessert Revolution in Downtown Phoenix

The Guilty Pleasure: Dessert and Coffee Where To Get It: Compass Arizona Grill, atop the Hyatt Regency Phoenix downtown Price: $8 for dessert, $3 for coffee What It Really Costs: The only regret is that you didn't think of it sooner.

On a recent dining excursion to downtown Phoenix, I was strolling around after dinner trying to figure out where to go for something sweet. I was about to head to CityScape to decide between The Arrogant Butcher or Blue Hound Kitchen. I made it as far as 1st Street and Monroe when a light went on over my head... more than 200 feet over my head, to be specific.

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While walking past the Hyatt Regency, I realized that I hadn't been to Compass up on top of the hotel since I was about four years old. The place doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation among Phoenix's food-crazed. I can understand; their main market is a steady stream of (expense-accounted) conventioneers looking for something reasonably straightforward. After my visit for sweets a couple of weeks ago, I keep thinking about what a wonderful time I had, and trying to find any excuse to return. Even better is telling people about my visit. I always get the same reaction. First comes a glimmer of fond reminiscence of their last visit, followed by "Oh my God, I haven't been there in ages!"

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