Cooking School Secrets: Pasteurized Eggs

Eat it raw.

Cookie dough, I mean. You can also eat sunny side up eggs, make chocolate mousse at home and pull out the Caesar salad dressing recipe you stashed away because it included a raw egg.

Pasteurized shell eggs can be eaten raw. The process used on them guarantees no risk of salmonella - no chance of getting the Asian flu virus.

Organic eggs aren't safe. Neither are eggs from your neighborhood farm. It's not how eggs are handled that causes salmonella - the virus comes from the chicken; it's in the egg prior to its being laid. Pasteurization is the only protection.

Unfortunately, in Arizona, only food service suppliers sell pasteurized eggs.

Davidson's Safest Choice brand pasteurized shell eggs were once available at Safeway, but they are no longer being carried. I'm not sure why, but I want them back. Help get by requesting them at your favorite markets or by filling out a petition at www.safeeggs.com/consumers/petition.

Pasteurized eggs - let's make it so they're not just for food service anymore.

Ever wanted to know what it's like to go to culinary school? Here's your chance, as one local wanna-be-chef tells tales out of school. Check back soon for the next installment of "Cooking School Secrets."

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