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Drink Coffee, Save a Jaguar, Thanks to Press' Pura Vida Blend

Pura Vida — the first certified jaguar-friendly coffee in the nation — is back this week at Press Coffee.
Pura Vida — the first certified jaguar-friendly coffee in the nation — is back this week at Press Coffee. Courtesy of Press Coffee
This week, you may actually feel good about dishing out your disposable-or-not income for good coffee. Local chain Press Coffee Roasters is bringing back the jaguar-friendly coffee blend Pura Vida. In a collaboration with Phoenix Zoo and its operators, the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation, Pura Vida is designed to support jaguar research from the blend’s own source — the Finca Las Alturas in Costa Rica.

In 2017, Pura Vida sales raised more than $5,500 to support the Jaguar Conservation Coffee project. The money goes toward camera traps for a protected jaguar corridor in Costa Rica and weather monitoring stations for the coffee plantation from which Pura Vida originates. We can explain.

click to enlarge Pura Vida with Finca Las Alturas staff. - COURTESY OF PRESS COFFEE
Pura Vida with Finca Las Alturas staff.
Courtesy of Press Coffee
The conservation center and ProCAT — an international organization for wildlife and habitat conservation — are supported by Pura Vida proceeds. The center and ProCAT work with Finca Las Alturas to create a habitat corridor coursing through Costa Rican farms, homes, businesses, and roads to connect a threatened jaguar population on the Osa Peninsula to their food sources.

“It’s been an honor to not just share an outstanding coffee with our guests, but to have the chance to support the amazing work the Phoenix Zoo is doing in our communities,” Press co-owner Steve Kraus says in a press release. “We’re proud to include Pura Vida in our Press On Charities efforts.”

And one last fact: Pura Vida is the country’s first jaguar-friendly coffee certified by the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network.

Pura Vida is available in 12-ounce bags of whole beans for $16 — $5 of which supports the conservation center and ProCAT’s jaguar conservation project. Find Pura Vida at Press Coffee locations in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Tempe, or on the Press Coffee website — which offers worldwide shipping.
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