Sugar Rush

Five Must-Have Pastry Tools

Tarts tins. Ring molds. Loaf pans. Mini tart tins. Pastry bags. Pastry tips. All of varying sizes and shapes. Cake plates. Pie plates. Muffin tins. Madeleine tins. Bundt pans. Sheet pans. A multitude of small wares for manipulating fondant. Cannoli tubes. Chocolate molds. Silpats. Rolling pins. The list goes on, but you get the point that being a pastry chef usually comes with a need for a hoard of equipment.

My collection has grown since I opened my own pastry business. Where one of any particular tool was once acceptable, now 10 are needed. My fiancée shakes his head as he hauls another box of equipment to my commercial kitchen. I always find myself excusing the purchase with a "but I really do need it."

The truth is, I could get by with less.

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Rachel Miller
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