Five of The Best Oreo Flavors of All Time

You might say we're all about the Oreo. Over the years we've tried just about every version of the classic cookie you can imagine — from the nearly inedible (looking at you, Limited Edition Fruit Punch) to the pretty decent (remember those Caramel Apple Oreos, anyone?). 

So, putting our expertise to good use, here are five of the best Oreo cookie flavors of all time. 

5. Marshmallow Crispy

Just to be clear, the only reason Marshmallow Crispy Oreos aren’t called Rice Krispies Treat Oreos is because Kellogg’s and Nabisco hate each other thoroughly.

4. Red Velvet

As you may expect, the Red Velvet Oreo is a natural addition to the line, practically begging for a spot in the lineup of regular offerings.

3. White Fudge

Sure, they’re just regular Oreos covered in a healthy dose of white chocolate, but why fix it if it ain’t broken?

2. S'mores 

Just when we thought Oreos really had the whole “delicious sandwich cookie” thing figured out, they went and turned the game on its head.

1. Brownie Batter 

As it turns out, Nabisco has just the magical powers required to recreate the exact flavor of brownie batter in between every pair of deliciously classic Oreo wafers. They clearly know it, too, having the audacity to put the image of a wooden spoon (covered in brownie batter) on the packaging of the cookies.
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