White Fudge Oreos Will Get You Out of Post-Christmas Depression

The Guilty Pleasure: White Fudge Oreos
Where to Get It: Grocery Stores
Price: $2.98 (although it looks like they’re sold out in some spots)
What it Really Costs: The realization that Santa Claus probably has diabetes.

If you’re in search of a dessert to help you get over that post-Christmas depression, don’t overlook the White Fudge Oreos that might just be waiting in your local grocery’s cookie aisle. 

Sure, they’re just regular Oreos covered in a healthy dose of white chocolate, but why fix it if it ain’t broken?

If you don’t like Oreos, you’re probably a monster and wouldn’t read this anyway, so we’re not worried about that. So how do you take something as flawless as an Oreo and bring it to the next level? You cover it in something.

Have you ever been to the state fair (or any other fair) and had a deep fried Oreo? If not, just know that it’s probably better than anything you’ve had in your mouth recently. You know at weddings and whatnot when they have a chocolate fountain and one option (see: the best option) to dip into the chocolate is an Oreo? Well, those chocolate-dipped cookies are so delightful that they started packaging chocolate-covered Oreos just to cut out the middle man.

White Fudge Oreos are no different. They take an amazing pre-existing concept and ratchet it up a notch. Whether or not you’re a big fan of white chocolate is almost irrelevant. The real benefit of covering an Oreo in anything (wait, do they make chocolate and peanut butter-covered Oreo’s? They totally should...) is the texture difference.

Because for everything that makes Oreos delicious, they’re a bit one-dimensional when it comes to texture. Smothering them in a thick layer of chocolate, white chocolate, fried batter, or anything else adds a certain smoothness to the sandwich cookies that are otherwise entirely crunchy (that creme in the middle provides about as much softness as a cardboard mattress).

Of course, the only downside of White Fudge Oreos is that dunking them in milk takes a bit more effort. If you really want to soak the cookie (the best way to eat Oreos, duh), you’re going to want to break it in half first. That way, you’ll have a nice milk-drenched cookie without compromising any of the exterior’s white fudge. Pro tip: Cut it in half with a knife if your fingers aren’t doing the trick.

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