Flan Battle: Puerto Rican Latin Bar and Grill vs. Los Burritos

It only takes five ingredients to make flan, and the round custard with a rich caramel flavoring is usually all that is needed to polish off any fine Mexican dinner. Occasionally, custard isn't everyone's dessert of choice, but when prepared right, the texture can be the best part.

We headed out to see if Puerto Rican Latin Bar and Grill or Los Burritos has the best flan.

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In This Corner: Puerto Rican Latin Bar and Grill

The Setting: As you sit and enjoy a dinner that consists of mofongo and chicken chicharrones, there's a slideshow of a trip to Puerto Rico on repeat, while lively music plays in the background. The service is friendly and quick and more than likely the owner will come out to ensure that all the food has made it to the table in a timely fashion.

The Good: Our flan came out quickly. It was a nice-sized portion with a texture thicker than most other flan, which we liked since it wasn't globby.

The Bad: We weren't too impressed with the caramel flavor. It was too rich and had a bitter aftertaste, resembling black coffee. We didn't finish the dessert.

In The Other Corner: Los Burritos

The Setting: Los Burritos is located in an unassuming shopping mall, and at night you might not even be sure the restaurant is still open. In fact, once inside we still weren't sure. Los Burritos has partnered with Grub Hub, and their delivery and pick-up options are well used. The menu includes the favorites like burritos and tacos, chiles rellenos, tortas, and a new favorite, vampiros.

The Good: The flan tasted fresh. The cream was light in weight and sweet. It definitely kept us from putting the fork down. Although not as thick as the flan from Puerto Rican Latin Bar and Grill, it still maintained a pleasant texture.

The Bad: The portion size was a little disappointing. It was definitely smaller than most other flan servings even though it cost the same amount at $3.

The Winner: The flan from Puerto Rican Latin Bar and Grill was underwhelming and the caramel flavor was too overbearing, so Los Burritos is the winner in this battle. We could not get enough of that sweet cream flavor, particularly since the portion was smaller than we would have liked.

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