Foo Fighters' "Field Guide to Food": Greatest. Concert. Rider. Ever.

If you rock successfully enough, you get to create a concert rider, a list of requests or demands set as criteria for a performance. Usually, some jackwad finds it and sends it to The Smoking Gun, who will then publish it -- its readers calling you an asshole or a diva for the "blue M&M's only" line.

But if you're the Foo Fighters, you already know this, and simply make the whole thing hilarious.

After going back on tour this year in support of their new album "Wasting Light," the Foo Fighters have created a hilarious 52-page production rider with a section entitled, "Field Guide To Food Coloring Book And Activity Pages." Put together by Gus Brandt, the band's tour manager, this part of the rider substitutes the usual catering section with funny activity pages highlighting the band's eating requirements.

Find out what members of the Foo crew have to say about tour food do's and don'ts, then check out the pages after the jump.

After the cover depicting Dave Grohl shredding with eating utensils, the section continues with bassist Nate Mendel on croissants ("This blows...even in France."), guitarist Chris Shiflett in a maze to a good meal, drummer Taylor Hawkins on pre-packaged salad ("That's too grungy."), and guitarist Pat Smear saying "no thanks" to sweaty meats.

There's also a game involving circling the items that belong in a salad (hint: not a bowling pin or Richard Pryor) and a guide to good and bad ice cubes.

Flip through the "Foo Fighters Field Guide to Food: Coloring Book and Activity Pages" here.

Via The Smoking Gun

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