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Groom Your Facial Hair With Four Peaks Beer-d Oils

Four Peaks – from the tap to your beard.
Four Peaks – from the tap to your beard. Four Peaks Brewing Company
You can now put your favorite beer in your beard. No, we're not talking about the times you take a sip of beer and, because you don't know how to drink properly, beer dribbles out of your mouth and seeps into your beard for you to forget about later. We're talking about Four Peaks Brewing Company now selling beard oils (beerd oils?) made of three different beers you would normally drink at their pubs and almost everywhere else in Arizona.

The popular local restaurant and brewery will be selling online and at the locations in Tempe and Scottsdale beard oils from its Kilt Lifter, Hop Knot, and Sirius Black brews. They will cost $14 per 2-ounce bottle, and could be a perfect gift for anybody with a beard, or a beard fetish (pretty sure it's a thing).

Beard oils are used to groom your beard so it can look silky, smooth, and fresh. It's the reason your significant other will put up with it for as long as they do. Without the oils, your beard will look scraggly, it will smell, and it will most likely start to flake. But to now be able to put beer in your beard – well, that definitely changes the beard game.

If you're wondering if you can drink the beer-infused beard oil, we think it's safe to assume no, but a representative for Four Peaks could not be reached for comment.

It seems to be a promotion for No Shave November – based on their tweet – the unofficial holiday all month long when you grow out your facial hair (or whatever other hair you want) to grow awareness for those who lost their hair due to cancer or any other reason. The theme is to embrace what you look like regardless of how much hair you have. And you are supposed to donate the money you would use to take care of your hair during the entire month.

Here's to hoping they will create a Pumpkin Porter beard oil; otherwise, I may have to dip my beard into a pint of that seasonal brew and hope for the best.
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