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Free Captain America Party at Dunkin' Donuts Tomorrow

Harry Potter isn't the only hotly anticipated geek flick on the horizon. Following right on the heels of the magical finale is Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel and Paramount's flick about the comic book super-soldier. And what better way to commemorate the birth of an All-American hero than with red, white, and blue frosted circles of fried dough?

In celebration of the flick, which hits theatres next Friday the 22nd, the Dunkin' Donuts location at 1740 East Broadway Road in Tempe is hosting a Superhero Morning event from 6-9 a.m. this Thursday, July 14. Samurai Comics will be on hand with free comic books, and guests will get to participate in such old-fashioned activities as a water balloon toss, dunk tank, and craft-making table at the patriotic bash.

As for the grub, the popular breakfast stop will be dishing up free munchkins and sectioned red, white, and blue Coolata iced drinks on a first-come, first-served basis.

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If you're still hungry, or miss out on the early-bird freebies, Dunkin' is currently offering two donuts in honor of America's greatest hero (as opposed to The Greatest American Hero, which is a little more like the 98-pound screwup Steve Rogers was pre-surgery): a round, red-frosted Stars & Stripes donut and a jelly-filled star bearing the comic character's name. 

We're a little concerned about the bleeding star effect caused by the jam, but rest assured it's still a tasty and totally patriotic snack. Screw apple pie -- we know what Captain America's favorite treat would be. His shield is round, after all, and he existed long before the obesity epidemic crippled the good ol' US of A.

Hot Tip: Be one of the first fifty people to line up at the store Thursday morning, and you'll score a pair of advance screening tickets to the Captain America movie, plus a sweet gift card. 

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