Get my Drift?

When I think of

Drift Lounge

, Old Town Scottsdale's


late-night hangout, I think of sipping fruity, oversized run cocktails out of a shrunken-head-shaped mug. It's sort of like the

bastard kid of Trader Vic

, with a mod-meets-thatched-hut ambiance -- cool blowfish lamps hanging from the ceiling, groovy seating, and tikis everywhere. I love Polynesian kitsch, and the only thing I can't stand about the place is the frat dude contingent that swarms the bar.

Until now, I never really associated Drift with food, even though I was aware of their menu, a selection of retro-pupu snacks like potstickers and coconut shrimp skewers. Now it looks like I might consider eating there. I just got word that chef Patrick Karvis took over Drift's kitchen last month, and he's got 13 years of experience working for some of the Valley's culinary heavyweights, including Michael DeMaria, Eddie Matney and Mark Tarbell. Sounds like this guy's rarin' to do more than just your typical bar food... may the tiki gods smile upon him.


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