Guilty Pleasures

Ghost Pepper Fries From Wendy's Are Surprisingly Hot For Fast Food

The Guilty Pleasure: Ghost Pepper Fries Where to Get It: Wendy's Price: $1.99 What it Really Costs: The sanctity of the holy ghost pepper among spicy food fanatics.

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If you're a fan of spicy food, then you're probably well-acquainted with the ghost pepper.

As one of the hottest natural ingredients on the planet, the ghost pepper is generally synonymous with an incredibly fiery taste. Everything from wings and burgers, to chili and sauces have been dabbed with ghost peppers to turn up the heat an extra notch.

Of course, fast food restaurants aren't known for making outrageously spicy things. Taco Bell's Volcano Tacos had a little kick, but not enough to make you sweat, and forget about anyone's "spicy chicken nuggets/sandwich."

And while the ghost pepper fries at Wendy's won't melt your face off, they're definitely a step in the direction of spiciness.

We've never been the biggest fans of Wendy's fries (there's nothing obscenely wrong with them, they just lack the quality of In-N-Out fries and the childhood nostalgia triggered by McDonald's fries), but the ghost pepper fries certainly bring some much-needed variety to the fast food fry world.

The ghost pepper fries are really just regular fries covered in a spicy cheese sauce and some chopped jalapenos, but there's nothing wrong with that. If you think of them as the spicy cousin of In-N-Out's Animal-Style fries, they actually work surprisingly well.

The jalapenos add as much sweetness to the fries as they do spice, but the cheesy ghost pepper sauce is surprisingly hot. When we've had ghost peppers before, they've pushed the limits of how much spice we can tolerate. These fries weren't that spicy (not that we expected them to be), but they certainly set our mouths off more than any other fast food item has in recent memory.

Overall, the creaminess of the cheese sauce works well with the fries, and the crunch of the jalapenos adds a bit of snap to every bite. Texturally, the ghost pepper fries bring enough diversity to keep things interesting, and while every bite just tastes like cheesy spicy French fries, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Sure, they'll never be Animal Fries, and there are undoubtedly better carne asada fries and chili fries in existence, but the ghost pepper fries at Wendy's should do the trick for those late night cravings for a little spice in your life.

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