Go Eco-Friendly This Christmas with Plantable Wrapping Paper

Presentation is an important part of gift-giving, which is why we go through rolls and rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon each year during the holidays. And if you're feeling a bit guilty about all that waste, innovators in the United Kingdom have come up with a genius solution to the problem.

They've come up with an idea called Eden's Paper, 100 percent plantable wrapping paper that not only will make your gift look pretty but will give the recipient the chance to grow his or her own vegetables.

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Eden's Paper is made from 100 percent recyclable paper with seeds embedded on the back in seven layers of biodegrabale tissue paper. There are no glues used to keep the layers of paper and seeds together, since the glue would be potentially harmful to the soil once planted.

Even the ink used on the paper is vegetable-based and, therefore, earth-friendly.

The only snag with the idea is that the company needs money in order to take the product from concept to production. For the past year, Eden's Paper has been testing papers and have manufactures lined up to begin producing the product. The company has set up a Kickstarter to raise money for their first run of manufacturing and for distribution.

There currently are five paper types: carrot, broccoli, chili, tomato, and onion -- though the company says that if it's able to raise enough money, it would like to expand the line to include more vegetable and herbs.

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