Guilty Pleasures

Grass-Fed Beef Burgers Now at Carl's Jr., Of All Places

The Guilty Pleasure: The All-Natural Burger. Where to Get it: Carl's Jr., several locations around town. Price: Starting at $5.99, more for a double burger or a combo, natch. What it Really Costs: Hope you're hungry at 730 calories for a single burger. And am I getting old, or is six bucks a lot for a drive-thru burger even of this caliber?

Phoenix sure loves burgers. Over around Biltmore and Arcadia, there are seemingly dozens of places you can go that specialize in chichi hamburgers.

Anymore, if someone tells me that their burgers are made with grass-fed, hormone-free beef, and natural cheddar cheese, all on a bun baked fresh in-house daily, I'm not going to bat an eyelash. Around these parts, that's a bush-league burger.

However, when a regional chain puts out a burger like that, it gets me to sit up and take notice.

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JK Grence
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