Gross Out: Glove Faux Pas at Hob Nobs

We remember when Hob Nobs, a coffee shop at McDowell Road and 3rd Avenue in Phoenix, used to be Willow House.

Not a particularly clean joint. But we hear good things about the new place, which is why we were dismayed to see that Hob Nobs failed its recent county restaurant inspection.

Then we read the report. It could have been a lot worse. True, the chicken cooling in tightly sealed Ziploc bags is not the most appetizing image. And there was one true gross out: "Observed employee handling raw chicken and then handling cleaned and sanitized plastic containers."

But one thing in that report really made us laugh, more than gag.

"Also observed employee blowing into plastic gloves before donning."

Good news: The report went on to explain that the employee later washed hands and donned fresh gloves.


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