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Helen Yung's 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Metro Phoenix

The countdown to Best of Phoenix is on. Mark your calendar: This year's issue will be on newsstands September 26. What better way to warm up than by asking some local "experts" to list their own personal bests? This week Helen Yung of the artisan ice cream shop Sweet Republic shares her favorite Chinese restaurants in metro Phoenix. By Helen Yung

Eating has always been a family affair. I grew up in Hong Kong sitting down at the dining table at home every weekday night at 7pm with my sister and parents and on Sundays with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Every meal consisted of at least a long-boiled soup, rice, stir-fried dish and maybe something steamed, braised or fried.

As I grow older, I increasingly crave Chinese food, in particular Cantonese -- the kind of food I grew up with in Hong Kong. Cantonese food is all about highlighting the freshness of ingredients with quick high-heat wok cooking and minimal sauces. And the best way to eat it is to order up a storm and share the spread with a big group of friends. So with that bias in mind, here's my list of favorite Chinese restaurants in Phoenix.

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