Hell's Kitchen Season Finale: Lovers Turned Rivals (or Thank You, Hot Tub!)

Tomorrow is the season finale of Hell's Kitchen and, in true Fox form, the drama has escalated (WHAT!?). Last week, Gordon Ramsay cut Autumn Lewis and Benjamin Knack (see ya, misogynist!), leaving Jay Santos (Chef Smurf) and Holli Ugalde (what's up with the baby-daddy sitch?) as the final two competing for the head chef position at London's The Savoy Grill.

The hitch? Thanks to the hot tub (a reality show staple) in the Hell's Kitchen living quarters, Jay and Holli are lovers (gross!) who will each need to win tomorrow night's final dinner service with the "help" of former competitors like still-can't-cook Fran and queen of sweat Nilka (gross, gross!)

Apparently, Jay plans to mop the floor not only with Holli but with her face, too (huh?). Meanwhile, Holli says she's willing to do whatever it takes to win. Um, isn't that what anyone would say?

If anything, the season finale of Hell's Kitchen looks like it will not disappoint. Will there be one winner or will the show's producers have Jay and Holli both going to the Savoy AND getting married by Gordon Ramsay at the end of the show (okay, so maybe he's the best man)? We'll keep our reality-show fingers crossed for the latter.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld