Last Call

How to Make a Bushwacker Cocktail

It's nice to have a finely crafted drink. These days, a well-made frozen piña colada or margarita is especially delicious. But sometimes, I want to let down my hair. I want something that I can throw together with a minimum of fuss that's still delicious and full of booze. That's where this week's cocktail comes in handy.

Florida loves their blended drinks. Down in the Keys, there are Rum Runners as far as the eye can see. Up on the Panhandle in Pensacola, they have embraced the Bushwacker as the drink of choice. It's a sweet, creamy blend of liqueurs, including plenty of Kahlúa. If a cocktail artisan read the recipe, they'd likely roll their eyes and grunt disapprovingly.

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JK Grence
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