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How To Make Your Own Hot Scotchy

Yesterday we talked about the Hot Scotchy, the secret cocktail of the brewing community. Actually creating the drink is an involved process that requires homebrewing equipment, grain or some type of malt extract, and water, along with your choice of scotch. If you don't brew, you're better off finding a friend who does (and one should always have a friend who brews). Alternatively, you could visit one of the brewouts hosted every so often by the Arizona Society of Homebrewers -- the Scotchy is a staple at the educational events.

If you're still inclined to make your own, the recipe below makes it as simple as possible. The bonus here is that after you're done making Scotchies, you'll likely still have enough wort to create a few gallons of beer. The drinking continues!

The recipe below makes use of ingredients found in Amarillo Pale Ale, a homebrew recipe created by the good folks at Brewers Connection. All the ingredients (and anything else you need to homebrew) can be found at their stores in Tempe and Tucson.

The ingredients:
½ lb. Belgian Pils 
½ lb. 6-Row Barley
½ Victory
¼ lb. Malted Wheat
6 lb. Extra Light Dry Malt Extract
3 oz. Amarillo hops
2 oz. Scotch (we like a peaty Islay for this drink, such as Ardbeg)

How to make it:
Place the Belgian Pils, 6-row, Victory and malted wheat inside a grain bag. In a 5-7 gallon pot, heat two gallons of filtered water to 160 degrees. Turn off the heat and add the grain bag. Let temperature rest down to 152 degrees and hold it there for 25 minutes, stirring the grain bag gently from time to time. Then remove grain bag and let it drain into the brew pot. With the heat off, add the malt extract and stir. Turn on the heat and bring everything back to a boil while stirring. When the boil starts, add 1 oz. Amarillo hops. After 30 minutes, add another ounce of hops. Add the final ounce 25 minutes later. Boil five more minutes, then turn off heat. Extract 4-6 ounces of liquid and combine with the scotch. Viola! Hot Scotchy. 

Bonus recipe: Add two gallons of cold water to the wort to cool it down. Once the wort cools to 80 degrees, add a pack of yeast and let the mixture ferment in a closed bucket or carboy. Wait 7-10 days, and you'll have a batch of homebrew ready for drinking. 

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