Your next fresh Huss Brewing beer.EXPAND
Your next fresh Huss Brewing beer.

Huss Brewing Company Opens New Location in Uptown Plaza

Huss Brewing Company officially opened their new taproom in Uptown Plaza in Phoenix on Friday, April 14. The brainchild of the husband and wife team of Jeff and Leah Huss, Huss Brewing will continue to brew their beers at their Tempe Brewery and all beers available at their Tempe sampling room will be available at the new taproom.

Featuring both Huss and Papago beers, the new location has a wide array of flavors, colors, and alcohol strengths suiting virtually all tastes. Since acquiring the rights to the Papago brands last year, brewmaster Jeff Huss has really stepped up his game. Huss has quite a resume as a brewer, having spent seven years honing his skills as head brewer at BJ's Brewery of Chandler before creating his own brewery.

Every beer sampled was solid and true to the designated style, with a few standouts. American Lager checks in at 4.7 percent ABV, the same strength as a typical Budweiser, but with tenfold flavor and a satisfying, lingering pilsner malt-driven finish. It's rare to see a craft brewer delve into the lager side of brewing, as it takes triple the time and a certain technical expertise to execute. The results show it was worth the wait for American Lager, one of the finest lagers found in the Arizona craft brewing scene.

Other standouts include Huss' bestselling Scottsdale Blonde, a German kölsch style ale that is light in body, easy drinking, with a nice balance of malty sweetness and just a hint of fruity character. Magic in the Ivy, an ode to the famous vines that grow on the walls of Wrigley Field in Chicago, Huss' hometown, this pale ale provides a nice, crispy hop character while balancing nicely with the bready malt flavors.

Koffee Kölsch is Scottsdale Blonde with an infusion of cold-steeped coffee beans that provides all the pleasure of iced coffee with a kick. The current Husstler seasonal offering is Alt Amber, another German-influenced beer that is crystal clear and a beautiful shade of amber, showcasing the caramel-like malts. Barrel Aged Juicy Fruit Kölsch is a 6.1 percent ABV kölsch with flavors of mango, peach, and pleasant alcohol. Aged in Stranahan barrels, this beer is full of flavor and aptly named, tasting remarkably similar to the gum of the same name.

On the Papago side, Orange Blossom may be a fantastic seller but Coconut Joe is the can't-miss. At 5.5 percent ABV and just 16 IBU, this beer is a marriage of coffee and coconut, harmoniously intertwined with the coffee leading the aromatics while the two are equally balanced in the flavor.

The beer comes in multiple shapes and sizes. Thirty-two-ounce pitchers, traditional pints, half pints or a sampler of four mini-beers give patrons plenty of opportunities to try the entire lineup. Sunday through Friday, enjoy $6 pitchers until 6 pm from the year round offerings and seasonal Husstler collection. Wine and hard cider are alternatives available for the non-beer drinkers.

Leah Huss is a culinary school graduate and finds a way to "do as much as possible with as little equipment as possible," according to Jeff Huss. The menu at the new taproom is simple but varied, featuring a delicious Bavarian pretzel which is served with spicy mustard and warm queso. The Crispy Prosciutto features smoked prosciutto, wild blueberry jam, and prairie breeze cheddar. The cheese board makes a great pairing with a beer sampler. Just looking for something to munch on? Check out the nosh menu, which gives you options of olives, popcorn or nuts. For those looking for a full meal, Huss allows you to order from any of its neighboring restaurants including Lou Malnati's and Shake Shack. This family-friendly taproom encourages you to bring the kids and Huss even handcrafts its own Lola's Sodas so the kids have something to get excited about.

The Bavarian pretzel is a great option to enjoy alongside your beer sampler at Huss Brewing's Taproom in Uptown Plaza.EXPAND
The Bavarian pretzel is a great option to enjoy alongside your beer sampler at Huss Brewing's Taproom in Uptown Plaza.

After neighborhood concerns, Huss agreed to not feature live entertainment and also built a wall just outside the building to reduce potential noise.

The bar at the Huss Brewing Taproom encourages conversation among its patrons.EXPAND
The bar at the Huss Brewing Taproom encourages conversation among its patrons.

Huss Brewing Company's taproom is located in UptownPlaza at 252 East Camelback Road, 480-234-9944. Hours are Monday through Thursday 3 to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday noon to 10 p.m. and Sunday noon to 8 p.m. The Tempe brewery and taproom remains open, located at 1520 West Mineral Road, Tempe, 480-264-7611. Check out the Huss website for more information about Huss Brewing Company.

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