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I just gorged on Sprinkles cupcakes

Full disclosure: Our receptionist called me about 15 minutes ago to tell me that somebody just delivered some cupcakes to the front desk.

Wow -- a dozen different cupcakes from Sprinkles! It has been a total feeding frenzy here in the New Times editorial department. My coworkers and I just indulged in an impromptu mid-afternoon cupcake tasting (i.e. feeding frenzy), and now I don't need to eat dinner tonight. (But at least these don't contain trans-fats, preservatives, or artificial flavors.)

Funny, I'd just sat down to write a blog post about tomorrow's opening of the new Sprinkles in Scottsdale, and then the cupcakes showed up. I love it when somebody reads my mind.

Anyway, these babies are (er, were...) damn good -- super moist, blanketed in a thick, smooth layer of icing, with little round confections on top that are color-coded, so you know what's inside. The killer red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing has a red and mint-green circle. The scrumptious strawberry with strawberry buttercream frosting has a pink and red doodad on top. They look like perfect little pop-art boobs done up in dessert form -- so totally Scottsdale! hahahahaha

I think the chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles was the office favorite, although they were all quite tasty.

Sprinkles has been a full-on Beverly Hills sensation since it opened three years ago; Scottsdale is its fourth outpost. Along with fresh-baked treats, they'll be selling gift boxes, t-shirts, and even doggie apparel. The address is 4501 N. Scottsdale Road, at Scottsdale and Camelback. Call 480-970-4321 for details.

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Michele Laudig
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