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InsPIEration: Seven Super Special Pies

Pie Social is right around the corner -- do you know what you're baking? 

Well, you're in good company, friend, because neither do we. 

We decided we couldn't be the only ones drowning in a sea of pumpkin, searching for an escape form the ordinary. After all, this is the pie event of the year (mostly by default since it's kind of the only one) and we need something spectacular, maybe even mind-blowing (insert exploding noise and hand gesture here). 

So we set out on a quest to find seven pies that had the potential to bring us out of our pie funk and get us in the kitchen baking. 

7. S'Mores Pie -- We're going to get this one out of the way first. Yes, S'Mores is the new whatever, but a S'Mores pie sounds awesome and could be a gem among all the pumpkin and apple. Plus, chocolate doesn't really count as dairy, right? 

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Shannon Armour
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