InsPIEration: Seven Super Special Pies

Pie Social is right around the corner -- do you know what you're baking? 

Well, you're in good company, friend, because neither do we. 

We decided we couldn't be the only ones drowning in a sea of pumpkin, searching for an escape form the ordinary. After all, this is the pie event of the year (mostly by default since it's kind of the only one) and we need something spectacular, maybe even mind-blowing (insert exploding noise and hand gesture here). 

So we set out on a quest to find seven pies that had the potential to bring us out of our pie funk and get us in the kitchen baking. 
7. S'Mores Pie -- We're going to get this one out of the way first. Yes, S'Mores is the new whatever, but a S'Mores pie sounds awesome and could be a gem among all the pumpkin and apple. Plus, chocolate doesn't really count as dairy, right? 

6. Vegan Pot Pie

-- We were a little bummed at the lack of many savory pies last year, but without the use of meat or dairy, we have been having a hard time coming up with a savory recipe. Vegan Pot Pies might be the solution. (We would make them in mini muffin tins, you can totally steal our idea!) 

5. Triple Threat Pie - Because three pies are always better then one. This is for all of you out there that just can't decide. Apple, pumpkin and pecans decided to co-mingle in this not-so-pretty-but-probably-really-delicious pie. 

4. Fancy Pie Cut-Outs - Sticking with the norm is fine, but we're at least going to have to dress it up a little. Leaving it to Martha and her team to come up with some super cute idea. We're pretty partial to the honeycomb idea. This is a handy link for lots of other pie tip: bookmark it. 

3. Chocolate Pear Pie - Add a little cocoa to the crust and you have a totally different pie on your hands. This would probably work for pumpkin or apple, too. 

2. Mini Lemon Tarts - The poor little lemon is always left out, someone should show her some love at this year's Pie Social -- preferably in the form of tiny tarts. 

1. Mini Kiss Pies - The easiest and possibly the cutest of the bunch are these tiny bite sized morsels. Just cut out pie crust circles, add a Hersey Kiss and a few sprinkles and bake. It doesn't get any easier then that! We'd also like to see them made with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.Yum! 

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