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It's Official: Sea Saw is Closing

James Beard Award-winning chef Nobuo Fukuda is closing Sea Saw, his seven-year-old Stetson Drive eatery, to focus on a new project. Sunday, June 7, will be the last night of service.

It's truly the end of an era in the Valley culinary scene, but also the beginning of a new one -- which Fukuda sounds excited about.

"It's not the economy -- I could just keep Sea Saw open," Fukuda tells me. "It's because of the new venture."

He's considering Phoenix for the new restaurant, whose name is still to be determined.

Currently, his plan includes about 52 seats for casual izakaya-style dining, with dishes running $6 to $16 (mmm... how about soft-shell crab and kanzuri aioli on homemade foccacia?) and a $45 average check.

"Easy to go to -- you could go there everyday," Fukuda says.

There will also be a "secret room," featuring kappo dining -- kaiseki-style dishes, served in a more casual manner at the counter, which will seat six to eight people. This is where Fukuda will show off the seasonal omakase dinners that he's become famous for. 

As much as the closing of Sea Saw is sad news for foodies, Fukuda's new project is exciting indeed. Stay tuned for more details -- and connect with Sea Saw on Facebook as well. 

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Michele Laudig
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