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Juice Boxes Made Completely From Real Fruit

This is potentially the ultimate in truth in advertising, perhaps even the anti-Fauxbe beef. Brazilian fruit juice company Camp wanted to take their claims of being "made with 100 percent fruit juice" one brilliant advertising step further. Advertising firm Ageisobar spent two years developing molds that would allow them to grow actual fruit into the shape of a juice box. A juice box complete with the Camp logo, molded flaps and even a little molded straw on the back. They succeeded in creating "juice boxes" from guavas, passion fruits, apples, oranges, and lemons.

Either way, check out the video and the time-lapse footage of a fruit-growing into a fruit juice box:

Of course, vegetable and fruit molds have been around for a while now. Japan has been selling watermelon cubes for over a decade. More recently, companies in Japan have released variations on this theme, including heart- and star-shaped cucumbers. In fact, if you want to try your hand at bending nature to your will, you can follow a helpful Instructable on growing your own square watermelons.

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