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Lemon Cucumbers from Crooked Sky Farms

On the outside, lemon cucumbers look like small, round, yellow watermelons.

You'll quickly see, however, when you cut into one the light yellow tennis ball-sized treat is no melon. With a bright and mild citrusy tang, the lemon cucumber tastes exactly like its name would suggest: lemony and cucumber-y. Though one might think this is a crossbred fruit (cucumbers are technically fruit, you know -- like a pluot) it's actually just a delicious variation on your standard, everyday cucumber and can pretty much be used as such.

Price: $2 per pound

Vendor: Crooked Sky Farms

Where to Pick It Up: Gilbert Farmers Market and Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market, Both open Saturday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

What Else to Grab: Colorful heirloom bell peppers (2 for $1) to complete you colorful end of summer salad.

You can use lemon cucumbers in your cooking pretty much anywhere you typically would use a regular cucumber. Their textures and flavors are similar, but be aware that both the rind and seeds tend to be firmer and more apparent when muching. The flavor, as mentioned before, is just like a cucumber with lemon juice, making it a great contrast element for fruity or herby salad dressings. Lemon cucumbers are also very pickle-able and can even be muddled into a cocktail for a crisp and tangy drink.

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