Battle of the Dishes

Mail Order Cookie Clash: Urban Cookies vs. Goosebumps

We absolutely love cookies (who doesn't?) and we love cookies even more when they show up on our doorstep. Which is why we're super happy that the business of cookies by mail exists. And we're even more stoked that we have more than one bakery in town to deliver those cookies to us and our loved ones.

We already knew about Urban Cookies, Cookies from Home and Cookies in Bloom; then last month, the mail order cookie market acquired a new friend. They go by the name Goosebump Cookies and they're made by baker Debbie Paine from her nearly 40-year-old recipe.

But do these new cookies stand a chance against the fierce competition baked up by Brady Breese's Urban Cookies?

Let's find out.

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Shannon Armour
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