Fresh Maine lobster on a New England-style roll ... in Phoenix. Thank you, food trucks.
Fresh Maine lobster on a New England-style roll ... in Phoenix. Thank you, food trucks.
Courtesy of Cousins Maine Lobster

5 Metro Phoenix Food Trucks You Need To Try Right Now

Food and moving vehicles don’t always mix. See: the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit, pizza delivery when the cheese falls off the pie, and, of course, Uber Eats.

What? That last one is doing okay? Oh. Well, good for them. The point is, sometimes you want a truck to stand still long enough for you to eat a waffle out of it, amirite?

Enter food trucks. We are in prime food truck season right now in Phoenix, and below are five we think you should know about before it gets too hot to leave the house. (Hopefully, some kind of food delivery service will exist by then.)

Cousins Maine Lobster truck, of Shark Tank fame.EXPAND
Cousins Maine Lobster truck, of Shark Tank fame.
Melissa Campana

Cousins Maine Lobster
Ahh, Maine. Home of pine trees, a serious accent, and the most delicious lobster east of the Mississippi. (Sorry, Massachusetts.) As the legend goes, a couple of Maine boys wanted to bring fresh lobster to the likes of the West Coast, and since no one could understand what they were saying, the cousins had a fleet of trucks faster than you could say “cahn.” (We think it might mean “corn.”) Plus, they appeared on Shark Tank, so you know they’re legit. Did we mention the lobster is unreal, and they sell something called “Whoopie Pie”? No wonder there’s always a line. Go to cousinsmainelobster.com for a schedule.

Sweet plantains. Sweet, sweet plantains.EXPAND
Sweet plantains. Sweet, sweet plantains.
Courtesy of Que Sazon

Que Sazon
You gotta respect a truck that sells South American food in St. Louis. In fact, St. Louis and Scottsdale are the only two cities in which Que Sazon operates, so feel free to put on airs when you order your pollo and mango arepa, que no? Anyone that offers empanadas (like a calzone, but less Italian) as a side is okay in our book, but when you throw slow-roasted pork bowls and sweet plantains on a menu, you’ve basically won our heart. Sazon is one of those words that doesn’t directly translate – it can mean “flavor,” “seasoning,” or “ripeness.” But really, you’ll know it when you taste it. Visit quesazontruck.com for more info.

The crew behind Left Coast Burrito Co.
The crew behind Left Coast Burrito Co.
Left Coast Burrito Co.

Left Coast Burrito Co.
With an aesthetic that will sort of remind you of that season of Saved By The Bell where they all worked at a beach resort, Left Coast Burrito specializes in burritos that are decidedly left of center. Their dessert burrito is chopped-up birthday cake wrapped in a crepe, for crying out loud. The owners each have an impressive history with food trucks (Food Network: y’ever heard of it?) and they are determined to leave a weird, delicious mark on the industry. Two words: ramen burrito. Three more words: worth the cholesterol. You can find the menu and schedule at leftcoastburrito.com.

Taqueria Los Yaquis
Not every food truck comes with a calligraphic font and Instagrammable logo. Fine by us if it’s Taqueria Los Yaquis, where the tacos are a buck and mini quesadillas come filled with carne asada. In fact, these guys were doing a chalkboard menu before it was cool, and will probably stick with it long after. They also wisely stay open until the wee hours, given their proximity to popular gay nightclub bar Charlie’s. As with all the best spots, there is no website for Taqueria Los Yaquis, but you can find them at 705 West Camelback Road.

Waffle Crush
You know how French toast is better when it’s made with brioche? Well, waffles are better when they’re liege waffles. It doesn’t matter if you only understand some of those words —just head to Waffle Crush (expect to wait in line), and all will become clear. Sweet, caramelized waffles are served warm and chewy, topped with your choice of things like Nutella, ice cream, fresh berries, bananas, or sweet cream. And don’t even get us started on Biscoff. Expand your vocabulary and your waistline at this tasty truck, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram for an updated schedule. See more at mywafflecrush.com.

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