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More Places to Get Boba in Phoenix: A User's Guide, Part Two

Last week, we posted a list of some of the East Valley's best boba tea offerings and heard from those of you outside the lower righthand corner of town. You want boba, too! No worries, we're back with more. 

To recap, boba tea, or "bubble tea," are sweet, cooling beverages packed with small, black tapioca pearls. They come in a variety of fruity and exotic flavors, and provide a refreshing and uniquely tasty way to cool down as thermostats rise.

To find out where to get where to get boba drinks in the rest of the Valley, hit the jump.


Hong Kong Express, located within Phoenix's 99 Ranch Market (668 N 44th St) sells a delectable Coffee Slush Boba. Also, be sure to try the much more subtle Boba Milk Green Tea.

For some seriously sweet and fruity boba, try Halo-Halo Kitchen (3553 W Dunlap Ave), a Filipino affair that makes their milk teas with fresh fruit. Cool down and raise your glucose levels with their Papaya Boba and Strawberry Boba.

For those in North Phoenix, try the Tea Light Cafe (7000 E Mayo Blvd), which offers a great tasting Coconut Milk Tea.

Scottsdale's Red Kimchi (1414 N Scottsdale Rd) serves a Mango Milk Tea with fresh pieces of mango floating around with the drink's boba balls.

Republic Ramen & Noodles in Tempe (1301 E. University Drive) has a massive boba menu, including unique - and distinctly American - varieties, such as Green Apple and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Peoria's Lee Lee Oriental Market (7575 W Cactus Rd) also offers a great variety of boba beverages.

The list goes on -- share your favorites in the comments section. Enjoy! We'll be back with our DIY version.

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