Move over Pink Taco...

It's pretty obvious from my recent review of Pink Taco that a little sexual innuendo goes a long way in the restaurant biz, even when the food's an afterthought.

Now there's a new game in Scottsdale, promising an even ballsier menu (accidental pun, but it works) than Pink Taco. I've never been there, have no idea if it's tasty in the least, and honestly can't quite believe it's for real, but I am laughing out loud over the names of the dishes at Sultry Dogs, a new late-night grub shack in Old Town Scottsdale.

Under "Doggie Styles," there are 11 kinds of hot dogs, from the plain "Bareback" to the bacon/chili/cheesedog known as "Threesome," to a 12-incher called "The Diggler." Meanwhile, the burger half of the menu is called "Between the Buns," with a fish sandwich called "Muff Diver" (I am dead serious!), a somewhat self-explanatory "Jive Turkey Mofo," and -- the kicker at the end -- a meatless burger called the "C-Blocker." (Dare you to order any of those with a straight face...)

No surprise, hot girls loom large on the Sultry Dogs website -- it's a schtick that threatens to one-up Heart Attack Grill, big time -- but what's actually sort of shocking is that none of them are shown eating said wieners. Apparently there's a jukebox under construction, too, and I'll be curious to see what kind of songs end up there. Perhaps a little something by The Dead Boys?

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