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New Food Truck Alert: Sweet Jonez Rocking Cupcakes

Despite what you might have been hoping thinking, signs seem to show that the cupcake trend not only lives on -- it's still going strong. Earlier this month we introduced you to Sweet Jonez Rocking Cupcakes, the first cupcake food truck in the Valley.

Yes, the fusion of two of the biggest food trends in recent memory have collided right in the Valley of the Sun...and spawned this musically-inclined mobile sweet shop.

Cupcake, meet street food.

The Business: Brought to you by owner Jasmine Crowe, this truck blends music and cupcakes into an "extraordinary" experience. Think creations like the "Elvis-inspired Hound Dog" a chocolate and peanut butter cupcake or the pound-cake-with-whipped-cream-frosting treat she calls the Bob Marley.

What you need to know: Although Crowe comes from a business not a baking background, she and her partner are making all their cupcakes from scratch using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They bake out of a commercial kitchen and are members of Local First Arizona. All flavors and three sizes of cupcakes (called "idols," "icons," and "legends") come in musically-inspired flavors such as the Prince, a purple Crush soda flavored cupcake.

The story: Crowe grew up with a passion for cooking and baking and says she's been in the kitchen since she was just eight years old. Along with her business partner - who has 15 years of baking experience - she set out to fuse her culinary aspirations with her love of music.

"I didn't want to just have a red velvet cupcake or a chocolate cupcake," says Crowe. "I wante the cupcakes to tell a story."

She came up with the idea for her rock and roll themed cupcake truck in January, and spent the next six months acquiring necessary tools and navigating a daunting maze of inspections and tests. She and her royal blue street food mobile hit the road earlier this summer.

Where the name came from: Crowe took her inspiration for the name from the phrase "jonseing," which means to have a strong craving for something.

Where to find them: Sweet Jonez is a member of the Phoenix Street Food Coalition and can be found at event such as the upcoming July Fourth Tempe Town Lake Festival. You can request the truck for an event on the Sweet Jonez Rocking Cupcakes website. They are also available for catering and offer a "cupcake bar" with miniature cupcakes for private events.

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