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NFL Playoffs: Home Is Where The Bar Is

There may not be enough beer in the Valley for Cardinals fans to drown their sorrows. But if you happen to be rooting for one of the better luckier teams still in the playoffs, here are four local bars fans of these teams can call home.

Tempe's Four Peaks Brewing Company is a Viking fans haven (maybe it's something in their hefeweizen). The brewery has a sports bar interior with plenty of televisions and plenty of beer. Need we say more?

The Saints fans who gather at Arcadia Tavern hope there will be no need to ask for forgiveness this Sunday. During the season, they reserve tables in the room to the left of the entrance. Note: They wear "Who Dat?" shirts. You can't miss 'em.

Check out Teakwoods if you're a fan of Peyton (not Payton), where Colts fans will certainly be manning up for the occasion. The bar has 25 televisions, Sunday drink specials and free peanuts.

K O'Donnell's in Scottsdale is home to many a New York Jets fan. And if they can survive this weekend, Jets fans can head over to K O'Donell's Superbowl Sunday party -- $10 per seat, but their coupon will take $10 off your bill. Look out for drink specials and raffle prizes... they might just do the trick after an interception (or six).

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Claire Lawton
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