Dessert First

Oatmeal Pies and Excellent Lemon Bars at Ollie Vaughn's in Central Phoenix

Remember the days of Little Debbies, those little snack treats put in lunches or consumed after school? Well, Ollie Vaughn’s in Phoenix has recreated this oatmeal cookie with cream filling — and it's so much better than we remembered. 

This unassuming store front with the marquee sign out front stating simply “Eat” and pointing to the front door has some serious, well, eats.

We walked in the door to see a beautiful display of sweets in the dessert case in front of us. Funky frames hanging above the counter with chalkboard canvas displayed the menu. The counter wrapped around the open kitchen, fun and interesting paintings adorned the walls, an exposed beam ceiling created to the spacious feeling, and then, there was the patio. 

The patio at Ollie Vaughn's is its own little world behind the kitchen and bakery. With two walls of plants separating the tables from the fruit trees, it's a little oasis in the city filled with spacious tables and aqua chairs, giving the space a mid-century modern feel. We found this to be the perfect setting for a dessert date.

Speaking of desserts, sorry, Little Debbie. No more cellophane wrappers and shortening-tasting cream filling for us because Ollie Vaughn’s has an oatmeal inspired cookie that we want to enjoy again and again. This perfectly soft and chewy oatmeal cookie with a dreamy cream filling is what we want in our lunch box now and forever. Ollie Vaughn's has not only recreated a perfect oatmeal pie, but also elevated the cookie to new heights. 

And as much as we loved oatmeal pie, we loved the lemon bar more. Our generous slice with a shortbread crust and tart lemon filling was enough for two people to enjoy. One of our favorite things about the lemon bar was the powder sugar crust created by sprinkling the sugar on while the lemon bar was still hot. It may not be full on creme brulee crust, but it was a nice crisp of sugar when our fork broke through. The lemon filling on this bar was a wonderfully tart custard texture, but a bit lighter and brighter than actual custard. A few bites were almost enough of a sugar fix for us, almost.

Ollie Vaughn’s, located at 1526 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85006, is open between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information check the Ollie Vaughn's website

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Jenny Zink
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