Pimping the Obvious in Phoenix

A friend just sent me a link to today's dining post in Tasting Table, a sort of Daily Candy-style food newsletter with New York, Los Angeles, and "Everywhere" editions.

Phoenix got the "Everywhere" love, except Tasting Table's four dining picks for this city were so predictable. I wish they would've tried a little harder to come up with novel spots to profile.

Tarbell's? You could've sent this newsletter years ago and given the exact same nod to Tarbell's. Nothing wrong with the place, but it's just so obvious.

Same goes with Pizzeria Bianco. If Martha's running stories about Chris Bianco, doesn't that mean that the entire universe already knows about him? The pizzeria is probably the most famous restaurant in Phoenix. I love it, but.... yawn....

T. Cook's at the Royal Palms gets props as well. Like they've never gotten any exposure.

And then there's True Food, which I reviewed a few months ago under the print headline "True Blew." Enough said. If I were visiting from out of town and somebody sent me there, I'd be pissed. 

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