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Pink Spot Brings Back Lobster Ice Cream, Now Locally Sourced (Except for the Lobster)

Last year the fine people over at the Pink Spot served up ice creamed crustacean to the Valley for the first time.

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This summer, the company is bringing it back, and instead of shipping it from the East Coast, they'll be making it right here in the Valley through a partnership with Karen's Kreamery.

Julie Kossak of Pink Spot explained in an email that their lobster ice cream starts with a butter flavored ice cream base folded together with frozen pieces of lobster.

"It's super expensive to make, but is fun and customers seem to like the novelty and fun of it," she says, claiming that the finished product tastes like butter pecan ice cream but with the nuts substituted for lobster. This flavor must be fairly popular because Julie says they sold out of the lobster ice cream last year.

Lobster ice cream is evidently a traditional treat that has been served for decades in Massachusetts and Maine. Last year, the Pink Spot imported its lobster ice cream from Ben & Bill Chocolate Emporium, a place that has been making the concoction for more than 30 years.

Julie says that Pink Spot decided to locally source the ice cream this year in part because the cost and vagaries of shipping lobster ice cream were prohibitive. It cost $100 a tub just to ship the ice cream from the East Coast -- and that's if everything goes right and nothing is damaged on the way.

She writes that she also believes in working with local businesses whenever possible and she stands behind the fine ice cream that Karen churns out. She says that Pink Spot is working with Karen to develop several interesting but slightly more orthodox flavors like Gorgonzola and pear, salted caramel and bacon ice cream.

The ice cream will be sold from now until July 31.

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