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Pita Jungle to Open New Tempe Location on Mill Avenue This Monday

As we told you earlier this year, Pita Jungle — the Tempe-based chain of vegetarian and healthy food restaurants — decided to close its original location and move to a new spot on Mill Avenue. Well, the time has finally come, and on November 5, Pita Jungle closed its flagship restaurant at 250 East Apache Boulevard.

The new restaurant at 4 East University Drive will open on Monday, November 16.

The new Pita Jungle, which is on the northeast corner of University and Mill, features street art-themed decor with all art done by Eric "Q" Quezada. The restaurant will serve the same menu of Mediterranean-inspired fare that Pita Jungle fans find at the other 19 restaurants in Arizona and southern California. 

Pita Jungle was founded in 1994 by Bassel Osmani, Nelly Kohsok, and Fouad Khodr in response to demand for more healthy dining options. For the last 20 years, the original restaurant served as a flagship location for the expanding chain, but Kohsok told us in May the owners decided to move in order to have more space and be in a more high-profile location. 

For more information or to see the Pita Jungle menu visit the Pita Jungle website

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Lauren Saria
Contact: Lauren Saria