Pizza Hut Malaysia Introduces Sauce Stuffed Pizza

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Pizza Hut Malaysia has jumped into the global pizza arms race with a pie that looks like the most dangerous pizza ever devised. It's bad enough that hot cheese can burn your mouth, have they considered what happens when you spray the person next to you with molten cheese suspended in boiling sauce?

Clearly they have, just look at the ad. They could have shown the sauce and cheese delicately oozing out of the stuffed crust but that wouldn't have conveyed the full capabilities of this pizza monstrosity.

So there you go, a Pizza Hut pizza so good that you can rely upon it to force your significant other's eyes to close long enough to propose to her... in a Pizza Hut. Admittedly this is a vastly superior plan to "hide the ring in the pizza," an alternative plan that probably leads to a trip to the emergency department or an awkward evening in the bathroom. Of course this isn't the first time Pizza Hut has suggest that they're the perfect instrument of matrimonial expression. Earlier this year Pizza Hut America suggested that you could slip them a cool $10,010 and they'd not only help you propose with a box of bread sticks, but they'd also provide limo service and an appropriate engagement ring.

Why would people put boiling hot sauce and cheese inside a pizza crust? Clearly, there is only one rational explanation:

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