"Pot Brownies" at Rehab Burger Therapy in Old Town Scottsdale

Breaking news: Rehab Burger Therapy in Old Town Scottsdale is dishing up pot brownies.

Well, not quite. Medicinal marijuana may be legal in Arizona, but pot's still off the menu at your local dining establishment.

Known for their outrageously good burgers, Rehab has also managed to create a fun atmosphere with surf boards, ukuleles and bicycles on the walls. It has a good vibe -- a comfortable kind of place where you feel good taking your kids, but also know you can go hang out with your friends.

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The dessert they are offering up, all one of them on the menu, is just as fun as their atmosphere and almost as good as their burgers.

The pot brownie is served in a pot, hence the name. It is two huge brownie pieces, with Reese's peanut butter cup (or Hersey's milk chocolate) sandwiched between. That sounds fun, right? It get's better. They pour marshmallow fluff in the pot, so much that it is oozing over the sides onto the plate below, and placed on top of this mess is a big ball of ice cream (costs and $0.99 extra, but highly recommended) then everything gets drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup. It's ooey gooey madness and calorie rich!

The brownie is more cake like than brownie. In fact, out of the 6 people at our table, the brownie was the least favorite part of the dish. We all found it lacking in flavor and texture, but the rest of the stuff going on there, and there is a lot of stuff, makes up for this oversight on Rehabs part. It's hard not to enjoy digging into that pot to find the sneaky peanut butter cup hiding between the layers of brownie. Really, that may have been the most fun of the dessert, other than it's awesome presentation. We also found the copywriting on the menu amusing "Munchies relief willie nelson would approve of.". Well played Rehab, well played.

While you wait for the other kind of pot brownies, this 'munchies relief' at Rehab Burger will have to do.

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