Have another drink, guys: Anarchy Santa Claus and the world's best introverted dart thrower share a moment of celebration

Punch Your Coworkers

Oops, I meant to say punch FOR your coworkers.

Nothing like a delicious little drink to take the edge off after a long day on the job, and there's no better occasion than your office holiday party. The New Times editorial staff had its own present-swapping, cheese-nibbling, punch-swilling party recently, and I have to say, the two gals on our "drinks committee" did an impressive job putting together not one but two tasty punches for the event, both of which were gone by the end of the night. When I asked for the recipes, I found out that these overachievers even came up with names for the creations! Here they are, with apologies to those of you who need more specific recipes. (Just wing it!)

The Drunken Reporter Put big chunks of ice in a punch bowl. Add one 2-liter bottle of ginger ale, and one and a half large bottles of chambord. Add fresh pomegranate seeds on the top. Drink. Jolly Holiday Punch Add one small jug of apple cider, 1 medium bottle of cheap brandy, 1/4 bottle of cointreau, and 1-liter soda water. Stir in 1/8 cup confectioner's sugar. Add sliced Bosc pears and sliced red apples.


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