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Queen Creek Olive Mill's New Bacon Olive Oil is Vegan. Wanna Know How it Tastes?

We heard about the Bacon Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill last month and decided we need to get our hands on a bottle and give it a little look-see and taste.

Even though Queen Creek is within the Phoenix Metro Area, we still had to pay $15 for shipping to Phoenix, in addition to the $15 price tag for the bottle. Gas would probably have been $15 to drive there and back. So, we clicked the ship button. $30 for just over a cup of olive oil -- OUCH.

So, how does it taste?

Our first tasting sip took us immediately back to the 80s when we first tried Bac-os. You know, Bac-os...the Betty Crocker brand substitute for bacon made with with interesting additives and soy. Unfortunately, that's not the flavor memory we were hoping our $30 bottle would evoke.

Later that same afternoon, we dipped into some with a piece of crusty bread. It wasn't terrible and definitely better than tasting it alone.

We waited a few days and then decided to try frying our eggs, as they suggested.

Verdict: We'd rather cook our eggs in butter -- or eat them poached. The result was just okay in the bacon olive oil, but nothing that we got excited about and it definitely didn't taste like our Nano's eggs fried in bacon grease -- not even close.

We wouldn't say that Queen Creek's bacon olive oil tastes like familiar sweet and smoky bacon but more so like liquid smoke mixed with extra virgin olive oil -- talk about beauty and the beast.

Liquid smoke, while is made from real smoke, tastes quite smoky and somewhat burnt when added to more delicately flavored ingredients. We can see where liquid smoke is a desired ingredient but not at the same time as extra virgin olive oil.

We're still not sure how this blend/infusion was made. The ingredients aren't listed anywhere on the bottle and the mill hasn't let their secret out of the bag, only to say that, "there were no swine harmed in the making of this bacon-flavored olive oil."

To be honest, that might have been the problem.

We can see this being a fun gift for someone you know who is a little obsessed with bacon, like our friend The Bacon Queen, but not as a regular condiment on our shelf. Sorry Queen Creek, we won't be bringing home the bacon again. But we'll always be happy make room for your Mexican Lime and Meyer Lemon extra virgin olive oils. They make vegetables and fish taste mighty tasty.

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