Guilty Pleasures

Rocket Burger & Subs Offers Soda Heaven

The Guilty Pleasure: The Wall of Soda Where to Get It: Rocket Burger & Subs, 35th Ave and Cactus Price: $1.99 (or $9.95 for a six-pack) 
What It Really Costs: Go ahead and schedule that dentist visit now.

Everyone has their preferred bad-for-you vice. Some people can't live without a pack of smokes at close hand. Others love an ice-cold beer or three. And, of course, a good number of you out there prefer recreational substances of the illicit herbal variety. Given my history writing for Chow Bella, one would think that my biggest vice is a well-crafted cocktail. Well, it's not.

It's soda.

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While there is novelty in a staggeringly huge selection of fountain sodas like you find at newer QuikTrip locations, mass-market syrup-bag-in-a-box soda isn't my bag. Those 44-ounce vats of sickly sweet, carbonated high fructose corn syrup just aren't any fun. Give me soda in a real glass bottle, sweetened with real sugar.

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